This film is an attempt to escape from the dictatorship of the daily routine and to go deep into the oneiric space. The inner world and the outer world are juxtaposed, and the inner world seems to be more real. There’s a mytheme in comparative mythology called ‘Katabasis’. It is a descent of some type, such as trip to the underworld. This film is a descent, too, in a certain sense. It is a metaphorical journey to artist’s own universe. Also, this film can be considered as an act of escapism. This film is shot on smartphone on purpose. Normally, a smartphone is used to communicate with the outer world, but in this case it was used to explore the inner world.
One day I was standing on the shore, watching the waves break against the rocks. I asked myself if water was able to feel pain? Strange thoughts come into my head when I look at the sea. My life is longer than the life of a wave, but it is much shorter than that of rocks.
Кем быть, если не быть собой
SHE (video poetry, Russian, English subtitles)
Аквариум – Песни Нелюбимых