What are you afraid of? 

I believe the scariest monsters live inside our minds. Deep down, there are things we don’t want to know about. In analytical psychology, it is called ‘the Shadow’, which is conceptually the blind spot of the psyche, the suppressed and the repressed aspect of the personality. 

I want to embrace the unloved, the unwanted, the rejected… all the broken and shunned things. 

The “MACABRE” project consists of self-portraits. Self-portraits are supposed to depict someone’s appearance, but these images rather depict the inner world, and more specifically the dark side of the human psyche.  
These photographs appeal to classical photography and classical cinema imagery. So, the starting point is the conventionl beauty. But something is wrong. Each image has an excessive element which brings the sense of discomfort.  
This project combines the external and the internal, the conventional and the distorted, the beautiful and the macabre. It appeals to fear, mystery, and trauma. It balances between the ironic self-admiration and the symbolic self-deconstruction. And it inites the viewers to answer the question: “What are you afraid of?”