“Inside”, a series of surrealistic self-portraits exploring the conflict between the appearance and the inward.

Self-portrait has been a popular genre in visual arts for centuries. Nowadays, the world is full of the so-called “selfies”; over 1 million selfies are taken each day. I take self-portraits, too. But I want them to depict my true identity rather than my appearance.

A woman's body is supposed to be beautiful. Nudes have always been a pretty and attractive thing. For this project, I use my own body as a clay. I don’t aim to depict my physical appearance but I express the inner side of myself in a graphic manner. It’s a story about fighting fears, finding my identity and dancing with light.

The “Inside” series consists of photographs depicting movement. I don’t use Photoshop tips and tricks, I don’t use collage or multi-exposure techniques. All photographs are single frames using long exposure. I work in complete darkness, where my own body and a small flashlight are my instruments. The process of taking pictures looks like dance or performance.

In this project I continue the tradition of light painting. The earliest known light painting photos were created back in 1914, and the technique has been employed by countless photographers over the years — including Pablo Picasso in 1949. So, “Inside” appeals to the old traditions. On the other hand, my challenge is to depict the inner life and to visualize ideas, fears and feelings using photography, which is supposed to depict visible reality. My goal is to show the invisible side of myself, and in this particular project the body is an instrument, nothing more.

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