CHIMÈRE is an attempt to metaphorically portray the turbulent times the world is going through. The whole project is a response to the global dramatic changes of the recent years. 
The difficult times often provoke certain introversion and introspection. When the world around is not safe anymore, the inner world becomes more important than ever. Solitude can be both traumatic and vital; it can be both frightening and thought-provoking. 
At some point, I found myself completely disconnected from other people; I felt as if I were floating in the void with nobody around. I had to face myself and I had to face my own insecurities, fears, and chimeras. 
Making self-portraits is a way to deal with uncertainty, detachment, and solitude. This is a collection of chimeric self-portraits. In fact, I don’t aim to depict my physical appearance. I explore the transmutation of the human body (my body) into other forms. Being mangled, twisted, put back together wrong, and surviving it, is being alive. 
Angels wouldn’t survive here. Chimeras will.