When the pandemic broke out, the whole world fell into disorder and confusion. The word that kept on coming to my mind was: Chaos. I was obsessively repeating the word «chaos» as if I was trying to get into the core of it. 

At some point, I came across an old engraving by a Dutch graphic artist Hendrick Goltzius. The engraving was called «Chaos: The Untangling of Chaos, or the Creation of the Elements». Created in 1589, it was an illustration for Ovid’s «Metamorphoses». 
Creation is the transformation of chaos into tangible forms. 


According to alchemical theory, the universe is composed of four Elements and three Principles. The four Elements are: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. This composes the physical world. The spiritual world is composed of three Principles: Salt, Mercury, and Sulfur. All of these, the four Elements and three Principles, are intimately connected. Altogether, they shape the world. 

This project consists of seven self-portraits representing the four Elements and the three Principles.